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Commercial Management

Our Commercial Management Team is optimizing the commercial performance of a fleet while navigating the complexities of the global shipping market. This role involves Charter Management, Market Analysis, Voyage Planning, Revenue and Cost Management, Risk Management, Client Relations and Regulatory Compliance.

Technical Management

Ribex Technical Team ensures the technical integrity and operational efficiency of the fleet. We encompass a wide range of activities aimed at Maintenance and Repairs, Regulatory Compliance, Crew Management, Safety Management, Budget Control, New Technology Implementation and Emergency Response. By maintaining the fleet in top condition, embracing innovative technologies and focusing on reducing the environmental impact, our Technical Managers contribute significantly to the operational excellence and competitive edge of Ribex.

A Port Worker

Asset Management

Ribex Asset Management involves the strategic handling of a fleet of vessels to maximize their operational life and economic value. This function is crucial for ensuring that the assets—primarily the ships—perform optimally, sustain profitability, and align with the company's long-term financial goals.

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